Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Interview - Eve E.

Healing through the community support of group meetings, the twelve-steps, therapy and treatment centers.

Eve E:

  • What is your eating disorder and when did it begin? 
My eating disorder started when I was 18. I ate and ate. I remember being conscious of it. My mom had cancer and my dad was off in the war. I turned to food.  Food was my drug of choice.  I started going to a twelve-step meeting and that was helpful.  The group support made me want to become a therapist. I studied eating disorders and addiction and became an eating therapist specializing in eating disorders.

  • How was your experience healing in a twelve-step group?
I knew I had to turn to my disease over to a higher power. However, I did understand that one needs to live on reality's terms and not there own terms.  For me, it was take what you like and can from meetings and leave. It’s always humbling.

  • What is your higher power?
My higher power is yoga. I came into my body doing yoga. When I came down into my feet and feel grounded, it felt wonderful.

  • Was there any step that resonated with you the most?
The third step, because it made me let go of all these fears I had around food.

  • What would you tell someone who is scared to go to a meeting and needs help?
I would say get a friend to agree to go with you. Get someone who is supportive to cheer you on.

  • Why are the twelve steps important for recovery?
You feel like you're not alone.  Part of the problem is feeling like you're all by yourself and you're alone in this disease.

  • How important is it to have a sponsor?
If you get enough phone numbers at meetings, you can call a couple of those people a week and turn to them for the support you need.

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